Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ovechkin and Backstrom show.

Ovechkin and Backstroms first games this season has been very good. Backstrom is leading the assist league while Ovechkin has done most points so far in NHL. Is Backstrom the new Peter Forsberg? I think he is, He is young and play with the best player in the world and they play very good together.

A rumour says that Forsberg is interest to play in Capitals. When i asked Forsberg last week about hes future and Capitals interest he answered:

'' I want to play another season in NHL if my foot allow me to. I like Backstrom and played with him in a All-star game in denmark this summer. Capitals is one of the top options for me but nothing is done yet. ''

This is very good i think! can you guys dream about a line with Ovechkin, Backstrom, Forsberg!
Oh my god!

I really hope that Forsberg is going to Capitals!

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  1. aloud?!

    jobba på engelskan

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  3. Great idea, but your english is quite impossible to follow.

    On another note.

    Forsberg always played on his own terms, he was always the brightest shining star in his line.

    Bäckis is far from the greatest set-up man in the NHL, Datsyuk, Crosby, Savard, even players like Ribeiro and Dubinsky would probably match Bäckis' points if they played beside The Great Eight.

    He's good but to compare him to Forsberg is premature and ignorant.

  4. Härlig blogg, hit kommer jag nog tillbaka. Det är för lite NHL i sverige tycker jag. Mest bara svensk-koll.