Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My interview with Patrik Berglund after the second NHL-game in Sweden

what did you think when you scored?
I got the puck from someone and i didnt find someonde to pass. So i tried to shoot and the puck went in, i think it was a easy first goal for me this season.

Did you expect to win both games this week against Red wings?
Yes ofcourse, you cant play if you dont think you can win. They are not unbeatable and that is what we proved this weekend.

How was it to play in sweden?
It is a big dream to play in NHL but play a NHL game in sweden was for me a very big dream that was coming true.

Last question: Can we see you in the Olympics in February?
Well see, i hope Bengt-Åle ( Swe Manager/Coach ) wants me in the roster but i got to prove him that i deserve that place.

Thats was my interview with Patrik Berglund ( St.Louis Blues ) / Pontus

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